Three orphaned sisters, their rather extraordinary aunt, and four marriages of convenience! The first book in my new Penniless Brides of Convenience  quartet, The Earl’s Countess of Convenience,  is out now in print and digital, in the UK, US and Canada.

I’m the eldest of four sisters, and two of them are identical twins. I like to sew (you can read a bit more about my sewing and Eloise’s here). I’m a bit bossy. But there the similarities between me and Eloise, the eldest of the Brannagh sisters and the heroine of this first book end. Eloise is a practical gal who has had to take responsibility for her younger sisters from a tender age. She’s a real mother hen with an over-developed sense of duty, so when she gets the opportunity to marry a complete stranger who will recompense her generously if she’ll be his wife in name only, she jumps at the chance because it means she’ll be able to take financial care of her sisters’ future as well as her own. Enter Alexander, a man with his own suitcase full of issues, and one, contrary to the sisters’ expectations, who has all his own teeth, and bathes regularly. In fact Alexander turns out to be rather gorgeous, and Eloise, to her astonishment, rather fancies him. Problem is, that’s against the rules!

This is a slow burn of a romance between two practical, honourable and dutiful people who until they meet, have always put everyone else first. Alexander and Eloise have to work hard for their happy ever after (and it cost me a few sleepless nights too). I leave it up to you to decide whether you think they’ve earned it.

I’m celebrating my new release with a giveaway. First prize will be a choice of either a tea or coffee cosy made by my own fair hands. The cosies fit most sizes of tea and coffee pots, small to quite large and will be similar to the ones in this picture, that I made at Christmas.


The first prize winner will also get a signed print copy of the book, and two runners up will get a digital copy.

To enter, all you have to do is tell me, who would you choose to be your perfect fictional big sister?

I will announce the winners here on Wednesday 8th May. Good luck.

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