Innocent in the Sheikh’s Harem

Armstrong Sisters Book 1

Summer 1818, Arabia

At twenty-five, the eldest of five sisters, Lady Celia Cleveden considers herself practical, resourceful and independent, the perfect wife for a junior diplomat.But George, her husband, seems more interested in her playing the nurse than a wife, and Celia is beginning to wonder if the match has been a huge mistake. En route to the exotic kingdom of Q’adiz, they are set upon by bandits and George is killed, leaving Celia at the mercy of the kingdom’s autocratic and fiercely attractive prince, Sheikh Ramiz al-Muhanna. In the sultry, and darkly erotic setting of Ramiz’s harem, Celia discovers her true passionate nature.

 Released in the UK in two different anthologies. Scoundrel in the Regency Ballroom includes my stand-alone Regency The Rake and the Heiress Summer Sheikhs has additional stories from Alexandra Sellers and Abby Green.


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Armstrong Sisters