The Highlander and the Sea Siren


May 2010 United Kingdom
Mills&Boon Undone (Short, sexy ebooks)
ISBN 978-1408927922

April 2010, North America
Harlequin Undone (Short, sexy ebooks)
ISBN 978-1426852763, 1426852762


Port of Ness, Late 19th Century

When Lachlan Sinclair finds a naked young woman named Morven stranded on the shore of his Scottish isle, he is instantly drawn the beautiful being…and is surprised to discover that she feels the same burning desire that he does! Though Morven doesn’t remember her home or family, she is sure of one thing: that she has come to be with Lachlan.

But despite their unbridled passion, both Morven and Lachlan fear for their future. For once Morven remembers who—and what—she is, she must decide if she wants to return home or make a new life with Lachlan…and their child.

This is a sexy fairy story, set in the early Twentieth Century in the real village of Port of Ness, on the Hebridean Isle of Lewis. The Highlander and the Sea Siren was inspired by the tales of mermaids and selkies that my sea-faring grandfather used to tell me.

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