Release Day for His Runaway Marchioness Returns

My latest historical romance from Mill&Boon is out today. HIS RUNAWAY MARCHIONESS RETURNS is a marriage of convenience set in the mid-Victorian period. Lily, my heroine, has been living in France forging a very unusual and slightly scandalous career for herself for most of her marriage to industrialist Oliver. Meanwhile, he has been focusing on …

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What I’ve Been Reading – Review Copies

One of the benefits of being an author is that I have a stack of lovely books given to me to review, a mixture of advance copies and recently published. So for the past few weeks I’ve given myself over to indulgent reading (sorry, I mean work, it’s work I tell you!) and steered away …

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What I’ve Been Reading – Agatha Christie

When I was growing up the concept of Young Adult fiction did not exist (nor did Young Adults, as an actual thing!), so I progressed straight from Enid Blyton to whatever my mum was reading, which included (thankfully for my future career) Georgette Heyer, Barbara Cartland (something she still denies), Mary Stewart and crime of …

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What I’ve Been Reading – A Festive Fiction Feast

Usually I read my fiction on my Kindle, because I read in bed and don’t want to fall sleep with my glasses on! My morning reading hour (one of my favourite times of the day) is usually reserved for non-fiction and research. But I had a stack of hard-back fiction piling up recently, and decided …

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Countdown to Release Day

Only a few weeks before my new historical romance is released. His Runaway Marchioness Returns is set in 1876, and is a marriage of convenience story with a twist (as you'd expect from me!). Oliver and Lily have been married for ten years and lived apart for all of them. Oliver, a self-made man, has …

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The Armstrong Family Tree – And All the Offshoots

UNDER THE MISTLETOE is my latest Christmas duet with Bronwyn Scott (and it’s out now, in case you didn’t know). When we first started talking about it, we both had ‘stray’ characters from other series whose story we wanted to tell. Bronwyn’s story, Doctor Peverett’s Christmas Miracle is the last in her Peverett’s of Haverstock …

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Snippets from a Writer’s Life

It’s a cliché because it’s true, the older you get, the faster life whirls you by, and since the pandemic changed the world, I feel like we are travelling at warp speed. I had barely touched down from my fabulous trip to Barcelona with my mum and sisters, and I was off on another trip …

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What I’ve Been Reading

I can’t believe I haven’t done a reading update since July! I have been reading, I just haven’t had time to talk much about it. As usual, I have put reviews of everything I’ve read on Goodreads, but here is a small selection of the best. First up, two books that I decided to read …

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