There’s No Place Like Home Improvement

It’s odd, speaking as a writer who is well used to working from home, to say that I felt cabined, cribbed and confined (to steal Mr Shakespeare’s patter) by lockdown. But during the pandemic, as the restrictions have tightened, eased, and then tightened again, there have been times when I’d give a great deal for …

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Eat In to Stay Thin (I Wish!)

As you’ll know if you follow me on social media, or have read any of my previous food posts, I love to cook. One of the many great things about being a writer is that I don’t have to settle for a snatched sandwich for lunch, or get home too late to cook a proper …

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Living In a Material World

When we went into lockdown here in Scotland back in March, I rather naively believed it wouldn’t impact on me unduly (apart from securing adequate supplies of food – and wine of course!). As a writer I’m used to working at home, and I don’t do a lot of socialising, so I assumed at first …

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What I’ve Been Reading – Non-Fiction

I have had much more success with my non-fiction lockdown reading than my fiction. Immersing myself in history, whether it’s for research or just pleasure, I’ve relished being able to temporarily escape these dark times, though of course, one thing you can’t help but see is that history does have a habit of repeating itself. …

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What I’ve Been Reading – Fiction

I have endured very mixed results in my novel reading this year, especially since we first entered pandemic lockdown back in March, an experience I’m sure is familiar to many of you. I’ve DNF’d several highly-recommended books, which is unusual for me, I normally stick with books or at least flick through to the end, …

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Celebrating the Release of A Forbidden Liaison with Miss Grant

***********THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED********** Congratulations to Asha H, my winner. Thank you so much to everyone for all your suggestions. I will definitely be writng more older heroes and heroines soon, and I have lots of other ideas from you written up in my special ideas notebook. ********************************************************   Today I’m celebrating the release …

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Ooh You Are Offal, But I love You

My upcoming release, A Forbidden Liaison with Miss Grant, is set in 1822 in Edinburgh, during the state visit of King George IV. One of the many set-piece events laid on for the king was a banquet in Parliament Hall. Three hundred guests - all men! - waded their way through countless courses and copious amounts of …

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