What I’ve Been Up To, and a Cover Reveal

Lots to celebrate! Where on earth has the time gone! The last few months have sped past in a swirl of manic activity. I feel like I’ve barely had time to breathe. Now that lockdown is starting to ease a bit and lots of us have become ‘double jabbers’, myself included, I’ve finally been re-united …

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You Bute(y) – An Island Break

The lockdown restrictions eased here in Scotland just in time for me to join with a small number of my family to celebrate (socially distanced of course) my mum’s 80th birthday, and to take a short break on the Isle of Bute. Like most people, I’ve barely been over the door in the last year …

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New Anthology and a Giveway

This Giveaway is now closed. Out now in the UK in print and digital, Regency Scandal, Passion in Spades is an anthology of two previously released books from my Matches Made in Scandal series. Set in Paris and Venice, with a courtesan and a card sharp for heroines, these stories are two of my favourites …

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The Earl Who Sees Her Beauty – Research Reading

I have been immersed in the Victorian world for quite a while now, working with The Duchess of York on Her Heart for a Compass, and then on my latest historical romance for Mills & Boon, The Earl Who Sees Her Beauty, which will be released in September this year. This, the first of a …

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The Book That Wouldn’t Finish – My Lockdown Writing Struggle

On Friday my 55th book for Mills & Boon was finally accepted. The Earl Who Sees Her Beauty is the first in a Victorian duet titled Revelations of the Carstairs Sisters, and I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever endured such a torrid time writing a novel. Now that it’s signed off and …

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Lockdown II – The Fightback Begins

Warning: this blog contains gratuitous scenes of overt navel-gazing. When the first lockdown was imposed almost a year ago now, most people approached it as a challenge to be overcome. In those early days of weekly communal clapping there was a sense of “we’re all in it together”. It was an opportunity, we decided, to …

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What I’ve Been Reading – Research

For reasons that will now be obvious (and if not, you can find out why on my previous post), my historical research has been heavily focussed on all things Victorian. Now that I’m finished writing Her Heart for a Compass with the Duchess of York, I’m sticking with the Victorian era for my next duet …

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What I’ve Been Reading – Fiction

Lockdown continues to affect my fiction reading choices. I find it very difficult to concentrate and so anything too epic, with too big a cast or requiring too much intellectual effort from me is almost certainly going to fail to engage. I think inevitably too, what I consider important (or not!) has changed radically and …

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