Gift-Wrapped Governess

A Collection of Three Christmas Stories

Christmas at Blackhaven Castle – Sophia James

Six governesses in three years had been harried from Blackhaven Castle by the unruly sons of the reclusive Lord Trey Stanford.

Lady Seraphina Moreton, the newest governess had heard all the rumours of course, but circumstances had reduced her to abject poverty and beggars could not be choosers.

Governess to Christmas Bride – Annie Burrows

Miss Miller knows a woman in her position has to be careful.  She lives by a set of strict rules, and imposes them on her charges, too.  Until the day Lord Chepstow turns up, unanounced at the home of her employers, invades her schoolroom and tempts her to taste forbidden fruit.

She knows he’s a rake.  She knows flirting comes as naturally to him as breathing, but tonight, he’s flirting with her! Would it be so very bad to relax her rigid rules, just once, and let him kiss her?

One Christmas kiss – that was all he was asking of her.

What possible harm could come to her from just one kiss?

Duchess by Christmas – Marguerite Kaye

Gabriel, Duke of Blairmore needs to produce an heir. Approaching the task with scientific rigour, he has narrowed his choice of potential brides to three young ladies of impeccable lineage. Remembering his own loveless childhood, Gabriel needs to test one last quality – are they good with children?

Regan Stuart, a childhood friend fallen on hard times, rather conveniently has three young half-siblings. She reluctantly agrees to play the governess in return for a Christmas her charges will never forget. But the gauche girl Gabriel remembers has transformed into an alluring, infuriating and altogether beguiling woman. And Regan, for her part, discovers that the callow youth she used to idolise has matured into an intimidating and devastatingly attractive Duke.

As Christmas and decision day approach, Gabriel knows he should be concentrating on choosing a suitable wife. But as passion sparks between them, he finds it impossible to think of anyone other than ineligible, encumbered and wholly unsuitable Regan.

Who will be Duchess by Christmas?

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