The Lady Who Broke the Rules

Castonbury Park Book 3

 Castonbury Park, Autumn 1816

Shunned by society since she ended her disastrous engagement, Lady Katherine Montague is determined never to allow any man to hurt her again. Instead, Kate invests all her energy and emotions in philanthropy, building a village school, rescuing fallen women and supporting the abolitionist cause.

Virgil Jackson was born into slavery in Virginia, but sold into the north when he led a rebellion which had tragic consequences. Hard work, a brilliant mind and a fierce determination to succeed have earned him freedom, power and wealth, but it seems nothing will ever be enough to satisfy Virgil’s need to pay penance for his past.

Kate and Virgil meet at the house of the abolitionist Josiah Wedgewood, the son of the famous potter. Two outcasts, two rebels, they are instantly drawn to each other. But the past, for each of them, has taken a heavy emotional toll. Can they cut themselves free from its fetters, and take a chance on a love so shocking that even the most liberal of Kate’s aristocratic family will find it impossible to accept?

This is the third in the Castonbury Park series. Kate and Virgil’s story is set almost entirely in and around Castonbury Park, where the mysterious woman claiming to be the wife of the missing heir finally arrives ‘on stage’ and readers of the earlier books will meet the familiar cast of family and servants.

Availabel in the US as stand-alone edition and in the Ladies of Disrepute anthology, which also has the fourth story in the series by Ann Lethbridge.

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