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Paranormal Powers? – No Match for Love

(Originally Published on the Harlequin Paranormal Romance Blog)

What if you had a special talent, a natural gift given to very few. a paranormal power which defies rational explanation? Say, for instance, you could foretell the future with uncanny accuracy. Life would be simple. You would be incapable of making a wrong choice, even in matters of the heart. If you met a man, you would just know if he was the one. Awesome, right? Not necessarily. What if, when it comes to one particular man, your powers suddenly desert you?

This is exactly what happens to Sorcha in The Highlander and the Wolf Princess, the third of my Legend of the Faol trilogy. As an Alpha Faol, she not only possesses the other-worldly allure of her clan, but she is fey, her special talent being the ability to foretell not just the future, but to sense good and evil. Though sometimes this can be a curse, for she’s ‘seen’ some things she rather wished she hadn’t, she relies on her gift and expects it to keep her safe when she leaves the island kingdom of Kentarra, against strict orders, to visit her brother.

Travelling in wolf form across the Highland landscape she is shot and wounded. Yet she sensed no danger. Waking up in a dark, brooding castle, being tended by a dark, brooding Highlander – the very same dark brooding Highlander who tried to kill her – she discovers she’s got a big problem. Because the mind of Conall Macpherson, Laird of Kilfinnan, known to all as Black Conall, is completely and utterly closed to her.

Conall oozes mystery and sex appeal. He’s a man whose past is so black it cannot be revealed. Conall is an outcast in his own lands. Castle Kilfinnan is as closed and shuttered and neglected as the laird himself. Sorcha’s head tells her to flee, yet she finds she cannot. Without her powers to guide her, she has no idea how to heal Conall’s tortured spirit, no notion of how to bring light to his world. But she stays all the same, because even though he shot her, even though he’s the one person immune to her powers, her heart is telling her that he’s also the one and only person for her.

I have to admit that The Highlander and the Wolf Princess is my personal favourite of the Legend of the Faol trilogy. For Sorcha, choosing Black Conall over the safe, secure life mapped out for her back home with Clan Wolf would be an enormous leap of faith. Heart over head? Head over heart? We’ve all been there. For me it’s the ultimate romantic dilemma. Lets just hope she makes the right choice!

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