Revelations of the Carstairs Sisters

A Victorian era duet, with two very different heroines. Prudence Carstairs lives with her scholarly brother Clement. Physically and emotionally scarred, she lives her life behind a veil, she is the invisible woman in a society which considers her an ugly, unmarriagable spinster. Mercy is also a victim of her looks, though in a very different way. A classic beauty, she is trapped in a miserable, childless marriage to a man who is not in the least interested in the person behind the lovely facade.

There will be a free on-line prequel to the series, IT STARTED AT A HOUSE PARTY, available on the Harlequin website in September.

THE EARL WHO SEES HER BEAUTY will be released in September. Available now for pre-order, you can also read an excerpt here.

Mercy’s story will be released in spring 2022.