Revelations of the Carstairs Sisters

A Victorian era duet, with two very different heroines.

Book One: The Earl Who Sees Her Beauty

September 2021

Prudence Carstairs lives with her scholarly brother Clement. Physically and emotionally scarred, she has to wear a veil in public. Prudence is the invisible woman in a society which considers her an ugly, unmarriagable spinster. Until she meets emotionally scarred Crimean War veteran Dominic.

Book Two: Lady Armstrong’s Scandalous Awakening

Prudence’s elder sister Mercy is also a victim of her looks, though in a very different way. A classic beauty, she was trapped for seventeen years in a miserable, childless marriage to a vicious man who on his death bed brands her frigid and heartless. A year into her widowhood, she sets out to prove him wrong, and self-made Scottish engineer Jack Dalmuir is determined to help her.

To be released Spring 2022.

Prequel: It Started at a House Party

There is a free on-line prequel to the series available on the Harlequin website which also deals with the them of beauty, with a pioneering female photographer heroine.

You can read it here.