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Marguerite Kaye is a historical romance author who aspires to be like her heroines – darkly funny, subversive, feisty and quirky!

Hi, I’m Marguerite!

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I’ve been a full-time writer for nearly twenty years (I so wish I had made that up!) after escaping the rat race and taking a belated gap year. I have now written over fifty historical romances for Harlequin Mills & Boon. (My father isn’t particularly impressed by this as he maintains I just change the names of the hero and heroine.) I’ve also ‘collabor-written’ two historical novels with Sarah Ferguson, so far.

I live in Argyll on the West Coast of Scotland, officially the second wettest place in the UK, just pipped by the Atlantic Trench. Before you ask, I don’t use Karen from Mean Girls’ weather forecasting method! Thanks to my mum, my sisters and I are avid readers (you can check out my near 1000 reviews on Goodreads). It’s also thanks to my mum that I’m a keen dressmaker and an enthusiastic cook. Oh yes, and despite the terrible weather here in Argyll, I love my garden, especially since I never have to water it.

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I promise to try not to bore you, and I vow not to pop up in your inbox more often than one of those emails informing you that you have inherited a million pounds and if you’ll just send your bank details….. But seriously, I do hope you’ll stay with me, read with me, and share some of my writer’s life.

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