Photo @debbieharephotography
Photo @debbieharephotography

Marguerite Kaye is a historical romance author who aspires to be like her heroines – darkly funny, subversive, feisty and quirky.

Despite being a stickler for punctuality, she arrived very late to the world of writing for a living. Inexplicably, it took her many years of training to be a lawyer, impersonating an IT Consultant and studying history before she realised that none of these could hold a candle to sitting around in her pyjamas crafting the odd elegant phrase while sipping herbal tea.

Marguerite’s go-to activities to avoid writing are dressmaking, eating what she grows, trying not to grow after she eats (aka yoga and exercise) and the traditional hedonistic distractions of doing the ironing and cleaning the bathroom.

A classically-trained ballerina and virtuoso cellist, tall and willowy Marguerite would like to remind everyone that she makes things up for a living. Scotland is where she lives, but France is her spiritual home.

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