Tag: Rake with a Frozen Heart

  • Darn It! It’s that Madame LeClerc Again

    Darn It! It’s that Madame LeClerc Again

    One of my favourite creations is Madame LeClerc, the most sought-after modiste in Regency Bond Street. She first arrived to England in the company of Lady Serena in The Rake and the Heiress, set in 1816. Madame was a Parisian exponent of haute couture with a healthy distain of English fashions who was anxious to…

  • Seconds Out, Round Two!

    Seconds Out, Round Two!

    I adore creating secondary characters to populate my books and provide a bit of light relief and added colour. So much so that I have to work extremely hard not to let my cameo roles take centre stage. Time after time, I get carried away with an utterly (to me, at any rate!) fascinating but…