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  • Darn It! It’s that Madame LeClerc Again

    Darn It! It’s that Madame LeClerc Again

    One of my favourite creations is Madame LeClerc, the most sought-after modiste in Regency Bond Street. She first arrived to England in the company of Lady Serena in The Rake and the Heiress, set in 1816. Madame was a Parisian exponent of haute couture with a healthy distain of English fashions who was anxious to…

  • Welcome to My Worlds

    Welcome to My Worlds

    I have always been fascinated by the impressive architecture and ornate interiors of stately homes and grand public buildings. My pet hates however, are frustratingly roped-off rooms, or doors marked ‘private’. September Doors Open Days in the UK are a godsend for curious, well frankly nosy people like me, allowing the public to see behind…

  • History or Heresy?

    History or Heresy?

    When I first started writing historical romances I admit I was something of a history purist, some might say zealot. Not for me lazy research, anachronistic names, objects or constructs, and as for committing the heinous crime of getting history plain wrong – I’d rather commit hari kari with a rolled-up copy of History Today.…