I’m venturing into pastures new with my latest Undone! trilogy from Harlequin. Legend of the Faol, out in consecutive months from March 2011.

Set in Scotland in the early 1700’s, it concerns the Faol, a race of shapeshifters descended from the son of a mythical Highland chieftain who was raised by wolves. Fierce and noble warriors, they live on the mystical island of Kentarra, where they exist in uneasy symbiosis with their human neighbours on the mainland. This culture clash, the sense of alien worlds colliding, provides the central emotional conflict which drives the three romances.

Claimed by the Wolf Prince is the first story, out on 1st March. Here’s the blurb: 

Scottish Highlands, 1700. Legend tells of a clan of fierce warriors, the Faol, who have mastered the spirit of the wolf living inside of them. They are famed for their skill in battle—and for their irresistible allure to mortal women… 
It is an attraction fiery Iona McKinley experiences firsthand when she is taken by Prince Struan Tolmach, Lead Alpha of the Faol. His touch is thrilling and arousing…but she’s destined to be claimed by another warrior. Will Struan risk losing his clan to keep Iona for himself?
Bound to the Wolf Prince is out in April 2011, and The Highlander and the Wolf Princess is out in May. I’ll be blogging on Harlequin about the Scottish legends that inspired me. Watch this space for more details.
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