Collaborwriting with Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York

Her Heart for a Compass

London 1865

When one act of rebellion costs Lady Margaret Montagu Douglas Scott her place in society, her life is swept onto a new course. One that will test her courage and resilience.

From the drawing rooms of Victoria’s court to the grand country houses of Ireland, and the bustling streets of New York City; Margaret embarks on a journey of self-discovery where she will meet like-minded, and equally spirited, companions who shape her world.

But as she navigates the challenges of forging her own path in life, will she find the greatest courage of all, to follow her heart against all odds…?

Her Heart for a Compass is available at your favourite store in print and digital now.

Setting the Heather on Fire and What Breda Did Next are two associeated short stories originally published in the UK press in August 2021.

A Most Intriguing Lady

Coming soon, available for pre-order now

Lady Mary Montagu Douglas Scott has a secret. Overlooked and underestimated by all who meet her, the wallflower daughter of Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch has a sharp intelligence and keen powers of observation. Traits that make her perfect to uncover society crimes – those whose wealthy victims have their pride and reputation at stake.

Unnoticed amongst the ballrooms of grand houses, Mary uncovers stolen jewellery, missing money, and saves reputations. When Mary meets Colonel Walter Trefusis, an unlikely alliance is formed as the two work together. And soon Tre will see that between diamond thefts and scandal there is more to this wallflower than meets the eye.

A Most Intriguing Lady will be published in March 2023.