New Release and Free On-Line Read

Out today in North America, the third in my Princes of the Desert trilogy (and my favourite), The Governess and the Sheikh.

The Romantic Times awarded it 4 Stars, and had this to say about it: 

“Kaye closes her brilliant Princes of the Desert trilogy, in which Regency Roses meet and fall in love with desert sheikhs. Book three is irresistible, with its fantastical kingdom, all-powerful prince and the allure of the forbidden. Sensual, ravishing and funny. A must for all lovers of sheikh romance.”

And if you can’t get enough desert princes, or you want a taster of the series, pop over to eHarlequin to read an extra story free, with anew chapter on-line every day from today. 

Desert Prince, Bartered Bride  

Kingdom of Djaradh, Arabia, 1819

As a diplomat’s daughter, Silvia Bruntsfield has navigated many sticky situations with her sharp mind and practical nature. Now, a grave misstep by her father could cost him his career and the very tenuous alliance between Britain and the desert kingdom of Djaradh. So Silvia disguises herself as a man to plead her father’s case with Prince Munir al-Khashqar, ruler of Djaradh. But nothing prepares her for what happens when the sheikh sees through her ruse and unveils her as an imposter….

Munir is intrigued by the plucky English girl. And he decides to make her a proposition: save her father and the alliance…by becoming his bride.


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