The Highlander’s Return

Out now in the UK, the second of my Highland Brides series.

The Highlander’s Return is set in 1748, a couple of years after The Highlander’s Redemption, and it’s the story of Ailsa Munro and Alasdhair Ross, her childhood sweetheart who left to make his fortune in Virginia.

The story opens with the death of the old laird, Ailsa’s father, and the succession of Calumn, her brother and the hero of the first book. It’s a tale of lovers reunited, the beginning of the end for the clan system, and some serious family skeletons coming out the closet before a very evocative Highland wedding can take place to end the series.

I hope you like, and remember if you want more Highlanders, you can read an excerpt from the prequal to this series, The Highlander’s Wilful Captive, which won’t be out until next year. Enjoy!

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