Digital Bundles and a German Anthology

For UK readers with an e-reader, this digital bundle has 18 seasonal historical stories including three from me:

A fabulous collection to read as the days get colder and the nights longer. Check it out at Amazon (UK) here.

Another UK-only digital collection, Regency Ballroom has 12 stories, two each from six different authors including me:

You can check out the details here on the Mills&Boon website. And if you just want my two stories, and you can wait until February 2014, they will be available in print and digital as Scoundrel in the Regency Ballroom, available for pre-order from Amazon here.

Recognise this cover? Yes, it was used for The Beauty Within, but it’s so fabulous I can’t blame them for using it again. This time, it’s a German anthology, with five short stories, including Behind the Courtesan’s Mask from me. Out in print and digital, and available now.

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