Armstrong Sisters Explanation and Special Offer for UK Readers

The last book in my Armstrong Sisters series, Unwed and Unrepentant, will be released at the start of May. It’s confusing, because the series started out as Princes of the Desert, and was never intended to be so many books, but I just couldn’t walk away from the Armstrong family once I’d started writing. I do get quite a few queries about them, and they are confusingly tagged on some of the retail websites, so just for clarity, here’s the explanation:

Princes of the Desert

1 – The Sheikh’s Impetuous Love Slave (short story)

2 – Innocent in the Sheikh’s Harem

3 – The Governess and the Sheikh

The Armstrong Sisters

1 – Innocent in the Sheikh’s Harem (Celia)

2 – The Governess and the Sheikh (Cassandra)

3 – The Beauty Within (Cressida)

4 – Rumours/Rumors that Ruined a Lady (Caroline)

5 – Unwed and Unrepentant (Cordelia).

Right, hope that’s all nice and clear now! The stories are all designed to be read stand-alone, you don’t need to have read the series in order but, if you’re in the UK and have a Kindle, you can get the first one, Innocent in the Sheikh’s Harem, in a duo along with The Rake and the Heiress, for just 99p. The offer for Scoundrel in the Regency Ballroom is for a limited period only, so check it our here.

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