Lots of New Releases

My World War One trilogy of linked stories, Never Forget Me, is out now in print in the US, UK and Canada with two different covers, and will be released in digital format on 1st August.

Thank you to all my lovely reader reviewers who took the time to read and share their thoughts on this one. You can check out what some of them said on Goodreads here.

Also out now in the US and Canada and Australia from 1st July, and from 1st August in the UK, is my 1920s duo of short stories, A Time for Scandal.

The stories feature two sisters, and were written in first person, a bit different for me. They’ve also had some lovely early reviews on Goodreads. Or you can check out what Dear Author had to say about Daisy’s story here, and Poppy’s story here.

And finally, The Highlander’s Return is released in Norway, Sweden and Denmark in August. I love the cover, though I’m not sure what it’s got to do with the book. You can check it out here.

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