New Release full of Christmas Magic!

UNDER THE MISTLETOE is a new duet of two short, linked Christmas romances, written with the lovely Bronwyn Scott. You can hear us talking about our books over on Tiktok here.

Bronwyn and I first ‘met’ when working on CASTONBURY PARK and discovered that our writing style really chimed (though we’ve never, sadly, actually met). Since then, we’ve worked together on three more duets, sharing worlds and having fun making each other’s characters walk on and off the stage.

UNDER THE MISTLETOE has two stories linked by common themes. Set in the aftermath of the Crimean War, both our heroines are nurses returning to London changed by their experiences, and determined to continue to make a difference to those least able to look after themselves. Our heroes, one a doctor and one an investigative journalist, also have strong social consciences – and this is something that both Bronwyn and I share in almost all of our books. Obviously the Christmas theme is in both stories, but there’s also the question of family which is intertwined with Christmas, and can make it a very lonely time if you don’t have someone to share it with.

There is, as the title suggests, mistletoe! Lots of it. By one of those odd coincidences that I love, I found it growing in the gardens at Walmer Castle, which I visited at the start of the month with my friend Peter. Thank you to Peter for being the perfect host and photographer as ever. More of that coming soon.

It’s not giving anything away to say that both stories have a happy ever after! Enjoy.

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