Release Day for His Runaway Marchioness Returns

My latest historical romance from Mill&Boon is out today. HIS RUNAWAY MARCHIONESS RETURNS is a marriage of convenience set in the mid-Victorian period.

Lily, my heroine, has been living in France forging a very unusual and slightly scandalous career for herself for most of her marriage to industrialist Oliver. Meanwhile, he has been focusing on his own business and the workers’ town which he has built.

Then Oliver unexpectedly inherits a title and lands from his cousin, and Lily decides that the last thing he needs is a marchioness like her. So she goes to see him for the first time in eight years wanting a divorce. Except that Oliver, intent on ridding himself of title and lands, needs a wife to help him.

Two highly independent people thrown together by fate – oh, I loved coming up with that premise. I loved using Lily’s theatrical background too, and had such fun with some of the scenes. And I loved – oh, but as Kenny Everett (giving my age away here) would say, but I’m telling you the plot!

Want to know more? You can read an excerpt here. Or you can listen to my lovely friend and collaborwriter Sarah Ferguson read an excerpt here.

Available in print and digital right now in the UK from wherever you buy your books. And out on 28th March in the US and Canada. Happy reading!

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