The Highlander’s Return

Out now in the UK, the second of my Highland Brides series. The Highlander’s Return is set in 1748, a couple of years after The Highlander’s Redemption, and it’s the story of Ailsa Munro and Alasdhair Ross, her childhood sweetheart who left to make his fortune in Virginia. The story opens with the death of […]

Mills & Boon New Voices Competition

Mills & Boon New Voices competition launches today at Already, three of last year’s entrants have sold their story. It’s a fantastic opportunity to win the support of an editor and to have some really constructive and experienced criticism of your writing. If you’re in or around Glasgow next week, I’m running a workshop, […]

Highland Brides

The first of my Highland Brides series, The Highlander’s Redemption, is out in the UK today. The series takes place in the aftermath of the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion led by Bonnie Prince Charlie, which tore families apart, and eventually resulted in the dismantling of the clan system and the Highland Clearances. Rory, the hero of the series […]

New Release and Free On-Line Read

Out today in North America, the third in my Princes of the Desert trilogy (and my favourite), The Governess and the Sheikh.

The Romantic Times awarded it 4 Stars, and had this to say about it:

“Kaye closes her brilliant Princes of the Desert trilogy, in which Regency Roses meet and fall in love with desert sheikhs. Book three is irresistible, with its fantastical kingdom, all-powerful prince and the allure of the forbidden. Sensual, ravishing and funny. A must for all lovers of sheikh romance.”