Il Principe del Deserto

Il Principe del Deserto (Innocent in the Sheikh’s Harem) has been released in Italian. It’s the first of my Princes of the Desert trilogy to be translated, so I am extremely chuffed! I noticed that though Celia and Ramiz are completely different from the North American cover, Celia is actually wearing the same dress.

Newsletter and Another Giveaway

I’ve issued my first newsletter. There have been a couple of returns from email addresses which look like they’ve been mis-typed. If you expected a newsletter and haven’t had one, can you please email me The Rake and the Heiress will be issued in North America in March, but it will only be available …

Giveaway – The Wicked Lord Rasenby

     I’ve drawn the winners for my giveaway to celebrate the launch of The Wicked Lord Rasenby in North America. As well as the two English language copies, I decided to do a separate draw for the German and Italian editions. Congratulations go to: Jennifer from Georgia Brenda from Maryland Sara from Georgia (German) …

Audio Book Release

Thank you to reader Jean for letting me know the very exciting news that Innocent in the Sheikh’s Harem is now available as an audio book. You’ll notice it’s ‘full and unabridged’ – in fact it’s over eight hours long! Check it out on Amazon.

French Edition of The Rake and the Heiress

L’héritière sans nom N’importe quelle lady fuirait la compagnie du scandaleux lord Nicholas Lytton. Mais pas lady Serena qui, après un long exil en France, ignore tout de la réputation de débauché du séduisant lord. Sans compter qu’une seule chose lui importe : lever le voile du secret qui entoure ses origines et accéder à …

Greek Translation of The Rake and the Heiress

The Rake and the Heiress is now available in Greece! This is my first translation into Greek and it took me a while to work out which book it was, but I finally managed to translate my hero, Nicholas’s name. So it’s definitely The Rake and the Heiress, unless there’s a Greek speaker out there who …