Oh Sister, Where Art Thou?

Wannabe writers are forever being advised to “write about what you know, write from experience”. As the eldest of four very confident and opinionated sisters (and three brothers too), it’s therefore not altogether surprising that I’ve written a lot of sisters into my books. Looking back over the last ten years and fifty books (50!!!!) […]

New Release in Australia

The Earl’s Countess of Convenience/Reunited with His Long-Lost Cinderella, out now in a print duet in Australia, or available as a single title in digital format. The Earl’s Countess Of Convenience – Marguerite Kaye Eloise Brannagh has witnessed first-hand the damage unruly passion can cause. Yet she craves freedom, so a convenient marriage to the […]


Three orphaned sisters, their rather extraordinary aunt, and four marriages of convenience! The first book in my new Penniless Brides of Convenience  quartet, The Earl’s Countess of Convenience,  is out now in print and digital, in the UK, US and Canada. I’m the eldest of four sisters, and two of them are identical twins. I […]

Darn It! It’s that Madame LeClerc Again

One of my favourite creations is Madame LeClerc, the most sought-after modiste in Regency Bond Street. She first arrived to England in the company of Lady Serena in The Rake and the Heiress, set in 1816. Madame was a Parisian exponent of haute couture with a healthy distain of English fashions who was anxious to […]

Welcome to My Worlds

I have always been fascinated by the impressive architecture and ornate interiors of stately homes and grand public buildings. My pet hates however, are frustratingly roped-off rooms, or doors marked ‘private’. September Doors Open Days in the UK are a godsend for curious, well frankly nosy people like me, allowing the public to see behind […]