New Releases – Christmas Anthologies

I have stories in two seasonal anthologies out now – because even in November, it’s never too early to read a Christmas story, right?

REGENCY CHRISTMAS LIAISONS features three brand new romances, from me, Christine Merril and Sophia James. In my story, A MOST SCANDALOUS CHRISTMAS I have my first ever Welsh hero and a divorcee heroine who spend Christmas together in a remote house in Yorkshire.

REGENCY CHRISTMAS SCANDAL features two previously released stories, one from me and one fron Virginia Heath. Available in the UK only.

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  1. Ellis and Silvia’s story was so beautiful, so touching, and so sad. I really felt so angry at the way women were treated two hundred years ago.

    I knew all about the position of women and especially in regard to Divorce, having studied this at University, but reading your story brought back all my anger at the sheer unfairness and cruelty of how women were treated.

    I get so annoyed reading other historical fiction which demonstrates how little the writer has researched the period when they talk of a woman divorcing her husband. Well done for highlighting this illustration of how far women have come in 200 years.

    it really was a lovely read and my only complaint, if I have one, is I wanted an epilogue showing them happy together and living somewhere where they would not have to face the cruelty of society. Fabulous story Marguerite – thanks you! 😉

    1. Thank you so much Susan! I couldn’t agree more with you on the subject of divorce, it’s one that historically speaking really makes my blood boil. Like you, I found out just how appallingly women were treated when I studied the subject at university doing my Scots Law degree, and it’s one of the (few at the time) things that really engaged me, and stuck with me. It’s not that men were treated leniently, but that the treatment of women was much, much worse, and their position as property of the marriage (along with their children) – even now, writing this, my hackles are rising.

      I’ve actually covered the subject before, in an early book, Rumours that Ruined a Lady, and strugged as I did with this one, to get my couple a Happy Ever After that didn’t require me to bend the law. One of the many excellent books on the subject is The Criminal Conversation of Mrs Norton, a highly readable factual account of Caroline Norton’s attempts to protect her income and recover her children that is at times heart-breaking, but also affirming – a strong woman who simply wouldn’t give up.

      Sadly, anthologies like this one leave little room for epilogues, and I wanted to devote all the words I had to making the romance satisfying. I’m delighted you enjoyed it, thank you for taking the time to comment.

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