Countdown to Release Day

Only 10 weeks before my new historical romance is released. His Runaway Marchioness Returns is set in 1876, and is a marriage of convenience story with a twist (as you’d expect from me!).

Oliver and Lily have been married for ten years and lived apart for all of them. Oliver, a self-made man, has no interest in titles or landed estates, yet he’s suddenly inherited both. Problem is, he can’t get control of them to get rid of them without a wife. Will Lily, his convenient wife, a theatrical agent and failed actress play the part of her life to help him out?

Available for pre-order now, you can find to-buy links and read an excerpt over on the book page here.

His Runaway Marchioness Returns will be released on 30th March 2023, and it’s not the only book I have out that day.

A Most Intriguing Lady is my second collaborwriting book with Sarah Ferguson will also be out in the UK then. You can pre-order that here, and you’ll be hearing a lot more from me on both books very soon.

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