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Two dark romances set in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars about coming to terms with the past

The Soldier’s Dark Secret

A war hero tortured by the past, a heroine trying to uncover her family secrets, two people in search of redemption who unexpectedly find love.

Officer Jack Trestain was one of Wellington’s most valued codebreakers, but since Waterloo he’s hung up his uniform. If only he could put aside his tortured memories. Beautiful French artist, Celeste Marmion, might be the distraction he craves. But Celeste has secrets, and questions that she needs Jack’s help to answer.

The Soldier’s Rebel Lover

A soldier turned spy and a Spanish aristocrat turned partisan forced to flee together in fear of their lives, find comfort in each other’s arms.

In war-torn Spain, Major Finlay Urquhart encountered aristocrat turned partisan, Isabella Romero. Two years later Finlay, now a government spy, is tasked with saving the life of the elusive El Fantasma, whose whereabouts are known only to Isabella.

Regency Rebels, Scandalous Secrets is an anthology of two books previously released as Comrades in Arms. Available now in print and digital in the UK.

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