Lockdown Victorian Style

One of my favourite aspects of writing is the world-building component. I love to create a setting that feels completely real to me, one that I can inhabit, breathe, experience alongside my characters. Even when the world I’m writing about is wholly invented, there are always parts of the landscape that have their origins in […]

Oh Sister, Where Art Thou?

Wannabe writers are forever being advised to “write about what you know, write from experience”. As the eldest of four very confident and opinionated sisters (and three brothers too), it’s therefore not altogether surprising that I’ve written a lot of sisters into my books. Looking back over the last ten years and fifty books (50!!!!) […]

Shaking Up the Sheikh Trope

One of the biggest challenges, for me, in writing historical romance, is trying to write a strong, independent heroine who sits believably within the historical context. If a genteel woman hasn’t inherited money, then trying to find a realistic way for her to earn her living is really quite difficult. There was no shortage of […]

New Release in Germany

  Die Wüstenblume und der Gentleman Ich habe die absurde Vorstellung, dass Ihre Küsse nach Pfirsich schmecken würden.” Königreich Nessarah, 1815. Zart wie eine Blüte und stolz wie eine Königin: Wer ist die geheimnisvolle Fremde, die der britische Archäologe Christopher Fordyce des Nachts mitten in der Wüste antrifft? Die schöne Tahira betört ihn mit ihrer liebreizenden […]

Seconds Out, Round Two!

I adore creating secondary characters to populate my books and provide a bit of light relief and added colour. So much so that I have to work extremely hard not to let my cameo roles take centre stage. Time after time, I get carried away with an utterly (to me, at any rate!) fascinating but […]