New Release and a Giveaway!

Out now, in paperback and digital, in the UK, the US, Canada and Australia. THE EARL WHO SEES HER BEAUTY is the first book in my new Victorian duet, REVELATIONS OF THE CARSTAIRS SISTERS.

In this romance (which I think might be book number fifty-five), I have a scarred heroine with an interest in plumbing, and a veteran hero who is a very reluctant earl. This is my ‘lockdown’ book, and you can read more about the writing of it here. And you can read about the theme of beauty and the Victorian’s obsession with appearance which runs through this mini-series over on the Mills&Boon blog here.

The book was written while I was working on HER HEART FOR A COMPASS with the Duchess of York, and it has a secondary character, named for her who gets her own romance – eventually!

And so on to the celebrations!


Prizewinners have now been contacted. Congratulations to Laura and Beth.


I have two prizes up for grabs. The winner will receive a signed copy of THE EARL WHO SEES HER BEAUTY, a paperback copy of HER HEART FOR A COMPASS with a bookplate signed by both myself and the Duchess of York, and a matching tote bag. The second prize is a signed copy of THE EARL WHO SEES HER BEAUTY, with a Romance Rocks Mills&Boon tote bag.

To enter, all you have to do is answer this question:

The books I’m giving away were both written during lockdown. What is the most intersesting/diverse/notable/bizarre thing you achieved during the pandemic? (Please, nothing rude!)

I will announce the winners here on Thursday 7th October. Competition is restricted to UK ONLY I’m afraid.

Good luck.

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  1. My husband started going to the grocery store to buy our groceries for the week. 🤗

  2. Nothing exciting I’m afraid. During the first lockdown, I finally gained the courage to share my historical art online and start a history blog. Although it’s just something small, I’ve made lots of like minded friends and it has given me a hobby that has really helped my mental health.

    1. I think that’s hugely courageous. Putting your work out there means letting complete strangers look at it and criticise it, so it’s a massive step. Congratulations, and I’m so glad it has worked out for you, and helped you engage with people who think the same as you.

  3. The first lockdown meant a cancelled cottage holiday, and my husband suggested I use the refund to pay for a Romance writing course in July last year. I would normally never feel comfortable about spending so much money on my hobby but he persuaded me to go ahead. As a result I started my novel, learned about the RNA and joined its New Writers scheme in January this year and finished my novel in May. I am so enthused about writing, I cannot begin to explain how good it makes me feel. The Pandemic had an utterly unexpected, but really positive effect on me.

    1. That’s so fantastic. To have the space to write, and to see your writing from a completely new angle, and then to take it forward in such a big leap – well done, and here is hoping that you find the time to keep it going now you have the enthusiasm and the confidence.

  4. I won an award. But before anyone offers congratulations…Apparently I was the No.1 shopper of crumpets at my local M&S. I’m not sure that’s an achievement to boast about!

  5. I started lockdown well, with lots of trike rides, and finished it appallingly, in a wheelchair and extremely ill for several weeks. I remained grimly determined to function, even though at a very low level, and finally started on the road to recovery in January, although it was a long and very slow road. Today, life couldn’t be more different. I’m back on my feet, albeit with sticks, triking for miles, and have had a book accepted by a publisher!

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