My second chances stand alone romance is released on the 1st of September. A Forbidden Liaison with Miss Grant is set in Edinburgh in 1822 during the state visit of King George IV, when the city, thanks largely to Walter Scott, was decked out in tartan, filled with the wail of the bagpipes and the cries of street artists and vendors . So very like the weeks of the Edinburgh Festival, really.

You can read more about what became known as the King’s Jaunt here.

Constance, my heroine, came to Edinburgh some years previously when her village fell victim to the Highland Clearances, and was burned to the ground to make way for sheep grazing. She’s got no time for the King or for Walter Scott’s reinvention of the Highland myth. I dreamed up Constance on a visit to Auchindrain, a living museum just outside Inverary, and you can read more about it here. 

Grayson, my hero, builds ships for a living. It’s an occupation that I’ve given a few of my heroes, and you can read more about why here. Grayson is a self-made Glaswegian, or Weegie as we say nowadays, who finds the pomp and ceremony, the parades, the flag-waving and the cheering which greet the overweight, over-hyped King George, faintly amusing, faintly contemptible, and like Constance believes the money spent on refurbishing the city could have been better used elsewhere.

But like almost anyone who visits Scotland’s capital city, Constance and Grayson fall in love with Edinburgh. Like me, they like to wander, to take in the sites, and to stop every now and then to rest their feet and take a glass of something. I never tire of visiting Edinburgh, or writing about it. If you want to take a virtual walk in my footsteps or even Grayson and Constance’s, you can check out the Old Town here, and the New Town here.

I hope I’ve said enought to tempt you into reading Grayson and Constance’s story, but if you want to read more first, you can read an excerpt on the book page here, where you can also find ‘to buy’ links.

And watch this space for more background, and a fabulous giveaway coming very soon.

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